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Strong winds and heavy rains wreaked havoc at a residential area in Taman Mayang, where dramatic photos of two uprooted trees were shared on social media. The fallen trees also caused damage to several cars parked on the side of the road as well as to the roof and rain gutter of a house. Telephone wires and road signs too were downed in the process. A spokesperson from the Fire and Rescue Department said they responded to 11 calls on fallen trees and broken tree branches in Selangor due to the storm in the evening. "We are still in the midst of clearing the fallen tree branches. "Besides that, there were also reports of flash flooding in the Sungai Buloh and Batu Arang areas," he said, adding that several vehicles were damaged due to the flooding and fallen branches. However, no injuries have been reported. Provided by The Star Online Provided by The Star Online Also on MSN: In Pics: Malaysia's worst floods in decades emerge Pictures of Malaysia's worst floods in decades emerge

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